...without stating the obvious really

Magazines are very informal and have lots of pictures. Especially those like Fashion and Pop Culture magazine Remix. There’s a section in it about Kiwi Icons and yes, because they are only short articles, it’s as I expected – not many facts.

In my opinion most magazine writing isn’t based on fact. It’s all about the opinion of a certain person. Whether it be a celebrity or the person writing it. And lots of people can interpret it differently. I remember when I was at school and we had to evaluate and analyse books. Everyone in the class had different opinions about what each section meant. It didn’t make everyone wrong and only one person right. It just meant that there were lots of different ideas and thoughts that go into writing a magazine article.

They have to try and capture the audience, depending on who their target audience are. It will vary from magazine to magazine but the main point is that facts aren’t a huge factor in this type of writing. It’s very casually and doesn’t seem to use any type of structure. The only structure they use is to make sure the opening paragraph pulls the audience in.

News articles use the same structure for their opening paragraph. They have to draw the attention of the reader. Mostly they can do this by using catchy headlines. Most, if not all news articles are based on fact. They so this to make sure the story is credible. No-one wants to read a story in the newspaper where the facts and figures are just made up.

Newspapers like The New Zealand Herald use the inverted pyramid structure to write their articles. This is so that all the important facts are at the top and if the reader loses interest then they should get everything they need out of the article by only reading halfway down it. That and also if it’s too long, then the editor just cuts off the bottom.

News articles only have a maybe one picture. Where magazines have lots of pictures that overlay each other, news articles will tend to have one picture to sum up the story. The Herald Online has the picture at the left hand side at the top of the article and maybe another one further down but newspapers let the words tell the story and not the pictures.

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